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Technology and Knowledge

Technology is the creation of artefacts that enhance human skills - it is science put into the economic context; innovation in our world is the business-related part of knowledge, concepts, experiments, research & development.

No one can innovate alone - teams, knowledge organisations and networks are key to economic results and success. Yet the innovation process cannot be automated; human interpretation and networking are key to information flow, opportunity spotting and exploitation - true innovation in the business world requires as much vision as the creation of a masterpiece of art.

GPI has a team and a network of both - creative technologists, business visionaries and evangelists, as well as experienced business consultants, proven project managers and investment professionals.

While focusing on "return on opportunity" is key in every creative and start-up situation, we keep an open mind about the creative process - ideas, concepts, technologies, innovation can emerge from anyone, anywhere, any day. All humans have access to inspiration - the "art" remains to capture the blessing of the moment with a prepared mind - and make success happen with a world-class team, organisation, network...