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The "Art of Creation"
Thoughts from Another World Miha Pogacnik, great inspirator, friend, and master violinist wrote in "The Dance of Change" (Peter Senge, Boston, 1999):

"... the German scientist-writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe once noted that amateur painters usually complain when their work is praised: 'It's not yet finished.' And they will never be finished, said Goethe, because they started without awareness.
The master's composition is finished with their first stroke; it is clear, from that moment, where the master is going.

The same is true of great music. When you hear the first four notes - DA DA DA DUM - of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, you are aware of the importance of the entire symphony. An awareness of the whole is already contained in the first step.

Mastery does not mean having a plan for the whole, but having an awareness of the whole. You cannot predict the course of a composition, but you can know, from the beginning, the purpose and requirements of the thing you are composing.

This is true for people composing an organisational endeavour as it is for people composing a piece of music.

In our work with people, we try to stop and listen for the whole that they are trying to create, in the same way that, before an act of composition, the composer must stop and listen: What is it that is trying to be born?...."