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GPI Business Principles

  • GPI operates on the principle of trust, with employees, partners and clients, generating an atmosphere of co-operation and working toward a common goal

  • GPI develops or identifies and applies state-of-the-art knowledge in any field of its activities, thus being a network-centre in the knowledge business

  • GPI works with top-of-the-line talents and resources independent of geographical or cultural boundaries

  • GPI provides a challenging and inspiring environment for its team members, partners and network participants so that individuals and organisations can grow as well as find their own mission and business opportunity

  • GPI aims to work according to highest quality standards, both in research and information analysis as well as in composition and execution of concepts and innovation

  • GPI works and networks with the world's leading technology and knowledge institutions and generators in order to attract top projects and team members

  • GPI's ethical guidelines prevent involvement in knowledge, technologies and businesses that harm humans, animals or the environment